Balcatta SHS

eRideable Information

What is considered an eRideable?

  • A small electric rideable device with at least one wheel
  • Is less than 125cm long, 70cm wide and 135cm high
  • Is 25kg or less and not capable of travelling faster than 25km/h on level ground
  • Motorised scooters less than 200w.

What IS NOT considered an eRideable?

  • eBicycles (power-assisted pedal cycles)
  • Segways (electric personal transporters)
  • Motorised wheelchairs
  • Motorised scooters less than 200w.

Balcatta SHS supports the Road Safety Commission with ALL e-Rideable device rules. Please familiarise yourself with the following rules to maximise safety for everybody in our community:

  • Riders must wear an approved helmet
  • Riders must wear / display lights and reflectors
  • A bell or warning device must be fitted to the device
  • No doubling up / dinkying
  • No device is to be ridden on Balcatta SHS grounds.

Balcatta SHS take no responsibility for theft or damage.

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