House System

The school relaunched the house system in 2021 and allocate points to all students for achievement in Academic, Community, Behaviour and Sporting endeavours. The reintroduction of the original Houses from the opening of the school saw Poseidon (Blue), Artemis (Green), Zeus (Red) and Aurora (Gold) become the House names and colours.

Toward the end of the year, nominations and a selection process was carried out to select House Captains for each House and the following students were selected to lead their houses in 2023. We are currently selecting the House leaders from the Year 7 group.

2023 HOUSE Captains





Community Year 12 ‘Not for Publication Year 12 Alyce Flatters Year 12 Andre Alvaro Year 12 Ra Szep
Sport Year 12 Jerome Pazhooparambil Year 12 Akeisha Reid Year 12 Almo Hussein Year 12 Jimmy Dorjee
Art Year 12 Sienna Wilde Year 12 Lujan Gendry Year 12 Riscia Vinta Year 12 Callum Case-McGlade
Year 11 House Captains Kai Saraceni,
Luka Skordas
Lakeisha Arifanto,
Eva Veljanoski
Pooja Sharma,
Summer Blaseski
Dylan Pike,
Mattheus Barone Major
Year 10 House Captains Danielle Fryer,
Jenna Vance
Alina Chaudhry,
Anthony Nasteski
Edorado Russell,
Garima Choudhary
Ashleigh Sharman,
Annie Frencham
Year 9 House Captains Carmela Deluca,
Epi Kondo-Morcom
Rigsel Wangchuk,
Calais Lye
Cloud Sangil,
Adela Maldonado Reveggino
Daniella Santich,
Bipran Adhikari
Year 8 House Captains Carlo Deluca,
Svikriti Sharma
Allegra McGee,
Ada Spadaccini
Nikita Taylor Sandes,
Hazel McCallum
Eva Grzelec,
Tsheyang Lhazom
Year 7 House Captains TBD – 2023 TBD – 2023 TBD – 2023 TBD – 2023


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