Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff combine to become a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to ensure that each of our students achieves their personal best.

Our teaching staff are made up of beginning teachers through to those with many years of experience.

The Arts

Ms Jamie Arkeveld – Head of Learning Area
Ms Marney Anderson – Art
Miss Tayla Nicholls – Dance
Mr David Charlesworth – Photography
Mr Daniel Rees – Music
Ms Sherree Tomlinson – G&T Coordinator

Health & Physical Education



Ms Kate Barker – Head of Learning Area
Ms Christine Bogunovich – (English/HaSS/Maths)
Ms Sally Bond – Generalist
Ms Dimi Martino – (English/HaSS)




Ms Jane Balcombe – Head of Learning Area
Mr Trevor Ghouse – Design and Technology
Ms Sharon Holmes – Beauty Room / Home Economics
Ms Carolyn Hutton – Home Economics
Mr Bernd Jahn – Design and Technology
Mr Wonder Nyoni – Computing
Mr Matthew Witcombe – Computing

VET / Career Practitioner

Jane Balcombe – VET Program Coordinator
Miss Claire Piesse – Career Practitioner

Education Support

Mrs Allison Nolan – Program Coordinator
Mrs Keira Edwards-Power – (Tu-W, F)
Ms Sheree Fishwick – (M-W)
Miss Leisa Graham – (W)
Ms Katie Lisle-Williams – (M-F)
Ms Sarah Riky – (M-F)
Ms Linsey Williams – (M_F)


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