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Contributions and Charges

Balcatta Senior High School has undertaken a full review of student Contributions and Charges. The staff were required to itemise all costs in detail. The School Board considered the costs and made a determination of Contributions and Charges.

The Department of Education will meet the major proportion of the cost of education, which covers:

  • all staff salaries and the cost of professional development;
  • a small percentage of the cost and upkeep of the school buildings, furniture and grounds;
  • the purchase and repair of teaching materials and equipment;
  • basic supplies such as lined paper, chemicals, etc and school security.

Parents therefore, are only asked to pay for the cost of certain materials, services, and facilities directly used or consumed by students.


The school can request a contribution of up to $235.00 per student per year in Years 7 to 10. You will find that your Contributions and Charges statement shows contributions totalling this amount. The school saves parents from paying for text books or work books by photocopying work sheets and other class resources for student use. Your contribution is vital to maintain this resource.


There are compulsory charges for subject options (electives) which cover the full year of course expenditure. These charges involve the cost of materials that students consume in making special projects and/or the cost of bus transport and venue hire. There are also additional costs that may occur during the course of the year. Personal Items may still be a necessary extra purchase.

The charges are COMPULSORY under the Education Act.
The compulsory nature of the charges means that the schools can transfer students from high cost options to other options if the charge has not been paid.

If requested, the purchase of text books is essential for Year 11 and Year 12 courses.



$115 Clothing Allowance – paid to parent (or) school

$235 Education Program Allowance – paid to the school

The Secondary Assistance Scheme application is available to eligible parents/guardians who hold a current Centrelink card.  Completed applications are to be returned to administration in person, along with the current Centrelink card for verification.

Applications are now closed.

You may be eligible to claim the SAS. The State Government, through the Department of Education, provides financial support to eligible parents through the SAS which comprises of two allowances: Educational Program Allowance (EPA) and Clothing Allowance. Further information can be obtained by contacting: Schools Resourcing and Support Directorate, Department of Education, on 9264 4516 or


What is a Voluntary Approved Request at Balcatta Senior High School?

In addition to the Contributions and Charges, the School Board has recognised the need for the following services to be provided at the school.  The Department of Education does not pay for these services.


The Library needs to constantly change and update its resources. This request will provide an extra one book per person on average to the collection. Included in this cost are subscriptions to on-line reference sources such as databases and encyclopaedias.

First Aid Consumables

The Health Department provides a school nurse each Monday, Tuesday and half a day Wednesday. She provides emergency treatment when necessary. The school is responsible for general first aid and all costs associated with same, which includes staff who are trained in senior first aid.


The chaplain provides a wide range of services. Some of the tasks in which the chaplain is involved include counselling, lunch-time programs, co-ordinating special seminars for students, mentoring the Student Council, coaching sports teams, camps and excursions. The funding of the chaplain is subsidised by the school.

Student Services Team

The team provides pastoral care, assists with peer support and organises events in which students participate during the year. This up-front contribution will mean the school will not be asking for gold coin donations to special events such as the Bully Busters seminars or lunch-time activities.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool was built through parent donations and commitments in the 1970s.  It was resurfaced in the late 1980s and again around 2010.  Prior to the construction this year, it was in extremely good condition. We have endeavoured to keep the pool throughout the redevelopment process and the architects have ensured the pool will have a front of school appearance with all new surrounds and stands.  All contributions collected from the approved contribution will be expended on its future day to day running.  In schools without pools, students are required to use other facilities.  Pool entrance fees over the course of a year would be at least triple this contribution.

School Bus Replacement

The School Council decided to purchase the buses many years ago to reduce the cost of leasing buses for every excursion or outside activity. The convenience of our school buses allows staff to provide a much more flexible and interesting learning program for students. The buses will be replaced over a 10 year period at a cost of over $200,000.00. This means that each year we need every student to contribute to bus replacement. This cost is spread out over the five years of a student’s secondary schooling. This cost is at least half the cost of using bus companies for every excursion.

Information Communication Technologies

Information Technologies are vital in today’s society and the school needs to meet this demand. Student contributions allow us to upgrade the whole school network, obtain site licenses for software and provide technical support. A full-time technician is employed to assist teachers and students.

P&C Contribution

The P&C provides a forum for parents to obtain information about current adolescent issues and then work with the school staff to provide a better education for your children.  This year the P&C is requesting $30.00 per student. This contribution enables the P&C to continue improving facilities for your children.


Your Contributions and Charges account may be settled during the school term at the Administration office on weekdays between 8.00am and 4.00pm.

Our preferred method of payment is via BPoint (see below for more information). Payments may also be accepted via:

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa payments can also be made over the telephone)
  • Direct Deposit into the school’s bank account:
    Balcatta Senior High School
    BSB:  066-140
    Account Number:  00900104

Should you have any queries regarding your account or if you would like to discuss time payment options, please contact the school on 9345 8200.  Balcatta Senior High School relies heavily on parent/guardian payments for course fees which enable our classes to be maintained and updated as required by the curriculum.

If you are having difficulties in paying your Contributions and Charges, please contact the Finance team by telephone on 9345 8200.  A Progressive Payment Plan can be arranged.

If you would like to directly credit your payment for Contributions/Charges, Young Masters, Other (e.g. excursion, etc), please use BPOINT.  Instructions as follows:

What is BPOINT?

BPOINT is an online payment system that is secure, user friendly and more accurate for you to pay contributions and charges and other school payments.


To create a convenient, flexible and secure payment option for you.

How to Access BPOINT?

You can access BPOINT from our school website and click on the Payments button next to the BPOINT logo.

Or you can type into your search engine browser.

School Biller Codes

1971951 – Contributions and Charges – Payments requested for school contributions and charges only
1971969 – Other Payments – Payments for school excursions only
1971977 – Young Masters – Payments for Young Master’s Program only

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