Year 7 ‘Thrive’ Excursion

13 March 2019

On 7 March our Year 7 students attended the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre to attend ‘Thrive’.

Thrive was hosted by Everyday Leader and was created to assist students with a positive transition to high school. They inspire young people to try and aim to equip students entering high school with the skills, knowledge and inspiration to thrive during transition.

Everyday Leader wants to empower young people to be the best authentic version of themselves. They believe every young person has the ability to flourish and that well-being is at the heart of that. Their goal is to create an environment where fear and failure are seen as nothing more than brief rest stops on the journey of life.

Our students were treated to a unique, action-packed day with many presentations and a mixture of community groups, entertainment, sport and took part in team games.

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