Motivational Speaker – Derek Rabelo

19 June 2019

On Tuesday 18 June some of our Years 11 and 12 students were invited to a presentation by Derek Rabelo, a Brazilian professional surfer who was born blind due to glaucoma.

Derek’s desire was to accomplish his dream to become a professional surfer, despite the odds that he faced as a child.  He now travels the world surfing some of the biggest waves and fulfilled a dream of surfing the ‘Pipeline’ in Hawaii.

Derek gave an inspirational talk to our students about how he had to challenge himself to improve, believe in himself and face his greatest fears.  He promotes the importance of having strong connections with friends and family to maintain a happy lifestyle.

His positive attitude and determination to succeed is an inspiration to us all.

Click on the link to view the video “Blind Surfer Surfs Pipeline Beyond Sight The Derek Rabelo Story”

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