Years 9 and 10 Student Award Assembly Results

20 December 2019

We were proud to announce this years awards to our Years 9 and 10 students at their assembly on Wednesday 18 December. Some students received more than one award which is a fantastic result for them.

The awards presented were Years 9 and 10 Subject Awards for Top Student, Merit Student, Academic Excellence, Respect-Unit-Excel and Councillors.

Year 9 Course Top Student Merit Student
Urban Art Kurt Denielle Baylon Meto Lhazen
Physical Education – Male Matthew Davies
Coding and Robotics Harris Dos Santos Babic Angelique D’Uva
International Flavours Mackenzie Dragicevich
Mathematics Caesar Htat Lauren Holman
International Flavours Alexandra Hull
Beauty & Styling Lily Karamfiles Chanel Vaatuitui
Woodcraft and Metalcraft Lily Karamfiles Chanel Vaatuitui
Music Rebecca Kopellis Adzi Zein
Physical Education – Female Rebecca Kopellis
Photography Tiana La Galia  Juan Miguel Jacinto
Soccer Rocco Liberti Mark Fakos
English Django Nelson Kanika Rawat
Drama Kaitlyn Pope James Edwards
Gifted and Talented Visual Art Kanika Rawat Kurt Denielle Baylon
Humanities and Social Science Kanika Rawat Juan Miguel Jacinto
Science Kanika Rawat Choki Wangchuk
Health Education Maria Rocci Marko Saltamarski
Science in Action Marko Saltamarski Harry Dos Santos Babic
Special Dance Anastasia Skordas Abby Aitkins
Digital Music Adzi Zein Reese Abastillas
Outdoor Recreation Adzi Zein Zoe Rowland
Respect/Unite/Excel Awards (1) Academic Excellence (1)
Year Level Student Name Year Level Student Name
9 Adzi Zein 9 Top – Kanika Rawat
Second Top Lily Karamfiles


Year 10 Course Top Student Merit Student
Café Foods Liliana Stjepanovic
Physical Education – Female Tshering Thinley
Physical Education – Male Ethan Robinson
English Elise Beirne Nathan Hamilton
Humanities and Social Science Elise Beirne Tshering Thinley
Science Pathway A Elise Beirne Nathan Hamilton
Urban Art Elise Beirne Selena Clough
Special Soccer Jordan Dordieski Shreyas Ganguly
Computer Controlled Robotics Chogyal Dorji Shreyas Ganguly
Wood Technology Chogyal Dorji Ethan Robinson
Mathematics Pathway 1 Shreyas Ganguly Melina Hosseinzadh
Music Chhime Gyeltshen Jessica Santich
Drama Nathan Hamilton Ethan Robinson
Health Education Melina Hosseinzadeh Babita Nagra
Criminal Investigation and Justice Nawdya Kalpage Jessica Santich
Gifted and Talented Visual Art Quingying Li Nathan Hamitlon
Science Pathway C Nagra, Babita Jack Nixon
Beauty & Styling Vanessa Notis Atasha Fabian
Café Foods Vanessa Notis Hope Baird
Specialist Dance Katerina Rufov Tshering Thinley
Outdoor Recreation Jessica Santich Tyson Smitham
Mathematics Pathway 2 Shane Shore Katerina Rufov
Photography Tahlia Wells-Vasile Hope Baird


Respect/Unite/Excel Awards (1) Academic Excellence (1)
Year Level Student Name Year Level Student Name
10 Nathan Hamilton 10 Top – Melina Hosseinzadeh
Second Top – Shreyas Ganguly
Long Tan – Ethan Robinson
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