Year 9 Urban Art murals

15 November 2018

The Year 9 Urban Art class have finished their works along the walkway to the library.

Octophant – Amy and Tegan
BSHS – Faris with a little help from Sebastian
Sugar Skull –  Jacqlin and Melina
Head of planets – Chhime and Sangay
Percussion Squid – Seth and Ethan
Astronaut and Octopus – Ros, Sam and Taylor
Spray Painting Dancer – Amiithyst, Jolie and Jenny
Kendrick Lamar – Jack, Joseph and Marko

This project was so engaging for these guys and they have exceeded mine, and their own expectations.

Very cool bunch of kids to be involved with, and with all that can go wrong with a project like this, I am so proud of their maturity and responsibility during the process.

Hal Schmiedte
Urban Arts teacher

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