Year 7 Electronics Club

30 August 2019

On Monday 19 August, the Year 7 Electronics Club held the championship race for their self-constructed Micro:bit remote controlled vehicles. The event was held in the library and was attended by parents and siblings. The following students received prizes for getting a place in one of the two races.

Race 1
First Place – Tennyson Dragicevich and Antony Mojas
Second Place – Jaegar Peters and partner
Third Place – Nelson Thoo and Devin Smith Race 2
First Place – Dario Bobanac
Second Place – Keduse Tadesse and Ahmed Wario
Third Place – Hannah Sharma and Pema Namgyel

It was enjoyable seeing the students obtain success designing and constructing their own models. When asked what the students had learned, one student responded “never give up”. His team had been doubtful about their creation’s ability. They still entered the race and went on to obtain a place in one of the two races.

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