Year 10 Beauty and Styling

6 December 2019

Our Year 10 Beauty and Styling students have had a very exciting inaugural year at Balcatta Senior High School. The full course was created and taught by Mrs Keep.  Students have learnt many skills over the course of this year, including preventing sun damage, skin care routines, teenage skin conditions, what fashion suits our body type and our colours, applying makeup, making body/face scrubs and lastly creating a photographic portfolio.

Just before Halloween students had a visit from Michelle, who is a guest lecturer from ECU. Michelle demonstrated the art of make-up by creating a “Day of the Dead” look on Qingying Li.

Students have had two visits from another guest lecturer, make-up artist Kylie Stedman. Kylie demonstrated how to create a natural make-up look on Vanessa Notis and an evening look on Anureet Kaur.

The students latest project has been researching body/face scrubs. Students researched recipes so they could make their own body/face scrubs and then designed and decorated a jar with a detailed label.

The finale for the year was a Beauty and Styling day out. Students commenced with putting on make-up, followed by a photography session to achieve the best portraits and full body photos by our highly skilled Photography teacher, Mr Giles. Students then went to lunch at Siena’s in Leederville, whereby they practised their etiquette skills learnt throughout the year.

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