Whole School Athletics Carnival

6 September 2019



House Place Points
Fire First 1,432
Ice Second 1,429
Water Third 1,384


Group Award Name Name
Year 7 Girls Champion Minaida Peters
Runner Up Alivia King
Year 7 Boys Champion Zeth Everingham
Runner Up Matheus Barone-Major
Year 8 Girls Champion Angelina Rufov
Runner Up Kiara James
Year 8 Boys Champion Harri King
Runner Up Zack Hatch
Year 9 Girls Champion Marina Minic
Runner Up Eloise Vlatko-Rulo
Year 9 Boys Champion Rocco Liberti
Runner Up Marc Fakos
Year 10 Girls Champion Jessica Santich
Runner Up Tahlia Wells-Vasile
Year 10 Boys Champion Shreyas Ganguly
Runner Up Jack Nixon
Year 11 Girls Champion Ashleigh Curedale
Runner Up Janet Pazhooparambil and Melissa Josevski
Year 11 Boys Champion Mikael Sisko
Runner Up Jarrod Hunton
Year 12 Girls Champion Hannah Okumu
Runner Up Talia Litchfield
Year 12 Boys Champion Jesse Susac
Runner Up Thomas Vlatko-Rulo


Follow the link for more photos: https://youtu.be/WpKV3yw1okg

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