Science Fair – Day 2

24 June 2019

On Wednesday 19 June our Year 8 Science students displayed their work for the annual Science Fair. Students  were excited to present to the Year 6’s from Tuart Hill Primary School.

Presentations were evaluated by the visiting primary school students along with judge, Simone Janney, CSIRO).

First prize was given to the following students:

Project on ‘What’s the best amount of Vinegar to use to make Plastic out of Milk’

Chloe and Arani Aldridge

Merit Awards were given to the following students:

Project on ‘Which liquid dissolves Aspirin the fastest?’

Daron Rahman and Jamille Castejon

Project on ‘Which fruit contains the most DNA?’

Mali Frazer, Blake Beggs and Harrison King

Peoples Choice was awarded to the following students:

Project titled ‘Which brand of Popcorn is the best?’

Amani Hashmi, Ava Kelly and Elly Ognenis

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