National Science Week – 15 to 19 August 2022

19 August 2022

Balcatta SHS celebrated National Science Week from Monday 15 August to Friday 19 August.  The theme for 2022 was “Glass: more than meets the eye”.  Dr Rea’s Year 8 Science class combined their Chemical Sciences curriculum understanding of states of matter and their artistic strengths to create edible “stained glass” from melted (and re-solidified) lollypops.

Multiple classes across the Year 7 to Year 10 cohorts created marble runs where they were judged by path complexity, conservative material use, aesthetics and incorporation of a “through the looking glass theme”.

Miss Christopher’s Year 10 Academic Extension class supported the Year 6 students from Takari and Osborne Primary Schools in a range of hands-on activities.  These included building some fundamental skills such as measurement, microscope work and biological diagrams, as well as some dramatic dry ice demonstrations.

Students across a range of year groups participated in a “Breaking Glass News” Escape Room which involved multiple glass themed challenges for the students to solve within their groups.  Every student involved managed to escape before lunch.

Thank you to all students and staff for embracing National Science Week.

On Thursday 18 August, to celebrate “National Science Week”, Balcatta SHS offered the Year 5 students from Balcatta, Osborne, Tuart Hill and West Balcatta Primary Schools hands-on science experience, working with Ms Dewi’s Year 9 Academic Extension class and Miss Christopher’s Year 9 Academic Aspirant class.

Students were introduced to science experiments which could be undertaken at home.

Some of the experiments students participated in were:

  • Making honeycomb
  • Hidden messages on toast
  • Magic milk
  • Dancing raisins
  • Making sherbet
  • Making ice cream
  • Cornflour slime
  • Film canister rocket
  • Dry ice
  • Lemon battery
  • And much more
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