Life Choices Presentation

8 May 2019

On Wednesday 8 May our Year 9 students attended a presentation on “Life Choices” by Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fischer from the Positive Life Choices Foundation.  Andrew is a successful race car driver, having raced in the V8 Supercars and V8 Utes, Porsches, BMWs, Lotus’ and is currently racing the most famous car in Australian Motor Sport history, the Ford XYGT, in the Touring Car Masters series.

Andrew presented his personal story on the challenges he faced throughout his career and life. He talked about making poor decisions that involved crime and violence. He also focused on a range of facts, statistics and presented multimedia to the students around smoking, drugs, teenage sex, safe driving, and his faith.

Andrew brought along a replica V8 racing ute for the students to see and interact with around lunchtime.

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