EnvirArt Competition Winners

15 October 2018

The EnvirArts Competition winners were announced on Wednesday 10 October.

Judges included local artist, Roslyn Nolen and environmental scientists Simone Janney and Hayley Norman (CSIRO).

Winners received certificates and prizes donated by CSIRO and Climarte (an organisation in Melbourne, Victoria with a similar vision to ours – using art to make people more aware of climate change and encourage them to live a sustainable life).

Prize winners:

Art Technique: Meg Bradsell

Originality: Evangeline Armstrong

Sustainability: Ashleigh Curedale, Keisha Dawson, Holly Fitzpatrick, Melissa Josevski, Tatiana Stjepanovic

Merit: Grace Kang, Neeyanta Nakarmi, Shakira Smith, Aaron Villota, Zirui Wang

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