Community Band Concert

5 December 2018

On Wednesday 28 November, we hosted the Stirling City Youth Band concert at our school.   Thanks to Colleen Campione and Eddie Parise who produced this event with the assistance of Daniel Rees.  We had musicians from Balcatta Primary School (BPS), Lake Gwelup Primary School (LGPS), Nollamara Primary School (NPS), Takari Primary School (TPS), West Balcatta Primary School (WBPS), Stirling City Youth Band (SCYB) and Balcatta Senior High School (BSHS).

The event was a huge success with both students and parents enjoying the evening. We look forward to hosting the event again next year on a much larger scale.

The Stirling City Youth Band members:

Oska Baek (TPS) – ukulele & percussion, Asha Budalich (BSHS) – guitar, Mali Frazer (BSHS) – guitar, Ally (NPS) – keys, Dhruti Gokani (TPS) – violin, Matthew Lewis (TPS) – guitar, Ethan Litchfield (BSHS) – percussion, George Mitoulas (WBPS) – violin, Benji Nguyen (LGPS) – ukulele & metallophone, Mei Percival (BPS) – guitar and Nicholas Sia (TPS) – keys & guitar.

Year 5 Rock Band

Isaiah Alexander – keys, Hayden Burgess – percussion, Dhruti Gokani – vocals, Maja Hadzic – vocals, Amy Kim – vocals, Matthew Lewis – bass guitar,  Panda Meerahannock – vocals, Sofija Nikoloska – percussion,  Diti Patel – vocals,   Faith Patrick – percussion and Dylan Rooney – keys.

Year 6 Rock Band

Ryley Atkinson – percussion, Kya Cross – vocals, Carmen Diep – keys, Will Gath – guitar, Hayley Gillies – vocals, Matthew Lewis (Yr 5) – bass guitar, Shyanne Praetz – vocals, Nicholas Sia – keys and Vince Terranova – percussion.


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