Balcatta Academic Challenge 2019

4 December 2019

On Friday 29 November, the Balcatta Academic Challenge took place.  The purpose of the annual Balcatta Academic Challenge is to promote Balcatta Senior High School as a school of choice for talented students.  The challenge provides Year 5 students from our local intake primary schools with the opportunity to experience academic extension and enrichment activities across a variety of learning areas.

The Challenge is designed to encourage local intake primary schools to select and enter their high achieving students to compete on behalf of their school to win the prestigious perpetual trophy, to be displayed at their school for one year.

This year two teams of five Year 5 students from each primary school participated in the Academic Challenge and will also receive an invitation to apply for the 2021 intake of the Academic Extension program.  Students competed in four challenges that spanned across all Learning Areas.  For each challenge, students earned ‘points’ – Takari 2 earned the most points at the end of the day and was presented with a perpetual trophy for the Balcatta Academic Challenge.  Prizes were also awarded throughout the day for students and teams who demonstrated excellent team work, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

A big thank you to staff who assisted along with our very own Years 8 and 9 school councillors who supported the event and showcased their amazing leadership skills. They did a great job making announcements, marking, making teas/coffee and many other jobs.

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