Annual Swimming Carnivals

20 March 2019

Our annual Swimming Carnivals were held in Weeks 5 and 6 this term.  There were many activities planned across the days and all students who participated had a great time.

Results for house points and all years are below:

Total House Points

1st:       Water 442

2nd:     Fire     399

3rd:      Ice      267


Year 7 – Friday 15 March
Champion Boy:  Max Hua
Runner Up:  Tennyson Dragicevich
Champion Girl:  Olivia Taylor
Runner Up:  Alivia King


Year 8 – Wednesday 13 March
Champion Boy:  Harrison King
Runner Up:  Martin Di Giovanni
Champion Girl:  Suné Nel
Runner Up:  Kiara James / Mali Frazer


Year 9 – Thursday 14 March
Champion Boy:  Jordan Kitanovski
Runner Up:  Adzi Zein
Champion Girl:  Madison Ward
Runner Up:  Alexandra Hull


Year 10 – Tuesday 5 March
Champion Boy:  Nathan Hamilton
Runner Up:  Thomas Bekkers
Champion Girl:  Lili Stjepanovic
Runner Up:  Katerina Rufov


Year 12 – Tuesday 5 March
Champion Boy:  Thomas Vlatko-Rulo
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