2019 Year 12 School Ball

2 May 2019

The 2019 School Ball was held at the Duxton Hotel in Perth.  The night was themed “Night among the Stars”.

It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all.  Thanks go to the Year 12 Ball Committee and staff involved in the organisation of such an event.  Special thanks to Mr David Curtis, who took up the position as the Year 11/12 Coordinator this year.


Award winners:

Duchess of the Ball – Ms Hayley Malcolm
Duke of the Ball – Mr Alex Winch
Belle of the Ball – Shakira Parise
Beau of the Ball – Symon Legacion
Best Dressed – Symon Legacion
Best Dancer – Faran Kazemi
Best Couple – Franchesca Mojica and Valentino La Bianca


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