Year 11 Dinner Dance

28 June 2022

Year 11 Dinner Dance

The Year 11 Dinner Dance was held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Scarborough on Friday 24 June and was a night to remember!

The food was delicious, the venue was beautiful, and everyone looked amazing.  We had a blast dancing and cheering for the Eagles each time they scored a goal, as there was a TV screen behind the dance floor in the restaurant below.

A big thanks to Mr David Curtis and Mr Fred Sharp for the MC and DJ roles for the night.

A particular highlight was the student vs teacher dance battle, especially Mr Iain McPherson and the giant T-Rex which had everyone in stitches.

Thank you to staff and students who attended for a night filled with amazing memories. We are so lucky to have teachers who are willing to put in the energy to plan these events.

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