P AND C DAY – 20 May 2022

20 May 2022


P&C volunteers are a shining light within school communities, their dedication and passion help to provide WA students with the excellent educational journey they deserve.

In 2021 WA P&C Associations made huge contributions to our schools, donating an impressive collective total of $17.2 million. The P&C members also volunteered a whopping 581,672 hours of their time, which has an estimated total of $28 million. It is essential to recognise that each hour volunteered and every dollar donated helps to ensure students across WA have an exceptional educational journey.

Today we say THANK YOU to our amazing P&C Association for their contribution to our school community. They work so hard throughout the entire school year. We have received funding from the P&C as outlined below:

• Library Resources – graphic novels;
• Library – Writers Workshop;
• Education Support Centre – vege patch – B Block;
• House Promotional products – flags and banners.
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