Hillson Beasley Award for Educational Architecture

21 June 2022

Our School Architecture (Hassell) has won the “Hillson Beasley Award for Educational Architecture”, which is the highest award in the education projects category.

Here is what the judges had to say about the architecture of our building.

“The architecture of Balcatta Senior High School redevelopment is cleverly defined through consideration of place, site and context. A deft planning gesture boldly extends the original campus spine and integrates disparate new teaching spaces, resulting in successful reorganisation and a compelling contemporary reimagining of the 1960s Marshall Clifton school. Careful consideration of the existing campus organisation responds to and seamlessly integrates the old and new, reinforced by the clever reimagining of the existing school material palette through the bold use of off-form concrete, split-faced block and brick. The architecture is a subtle but immediately recognisable nod to the existing school language.

This voluminous four storey building presents an imposing scale to the street, cannily organising the new learning spaces across the dramatically sloping site to anchor the building against the existing school. The interface between old and new seems effortless, flashing a vibrant splash of golden yellow against the concrete tones and textures. Subtle but meaningful interventions within the original campus respond to the new architecture and solidify the sense of careful integration.

This is an exceptionally conceived and executed project. Its perceptive response to site, context and school character is embodied by a highly engaging architectural language”.

Photographer: Robert Frith @robfrith

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