Harmony Day – Wednesday 23 March

25 March 2022

Key messages

  • Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.
  • It is about celebrating the benefits of our multicultural society that has come about as the result of the successful integration of migrants into the Australian community.
  • Let’s come together with friends and family and through schools, workplaces and our wider communities to celebrate our diversity.
  • Be proud of our strong and successful multicultural society. Sharing our cultural heritage is part of celebrating what it means to be Australian.
  • Our shared Australian values of respect, equality and freedom go beyond our different cultures, and are what makes Australia such a great place to live.
  • The message of respect and belonging goes beyond the week long celebration. It can be lived by each of us, every day

Students distributed Harmony Day school pens and respect/honour cards for students to complete and hand to another student as a way of celebrating and honouring them for ‘who they are’.

The activities during recess and lunch include drumming circle, clickity clack, hand tree, paper chain, nail painting, music performance, Instagram frame photos, circus skills and cookie decorating.

Students were encouraged to wear orange or their cultural dress.

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