Dance Alliance – Nexus 2021

26 May 2021


The Dance Alliance Nexus 2021

Date:   Friday 11 June 2021 Venue:  Octagon Theatre, University of WA Nexus is the annual event presented by students from Shenton College, Balcatta Senior High School and Cecil Andrews Senior High School.

All of the students involved in the performance have achieved high standards in movement education, and will be performing works choreographed specifically for the performance by themselves, their dedicated teachers and Perth dance professionals.

The program represented in this performance aims to deliver excellence in both teaching and student learning. Students have the opportunity in these programs to focus on technique and performance, as well as dance history, kinesiology, theory dance, choreography and improvisation. The Nexus presentation offers the students experience in working in a professional theatre environment, and the chance to see peers from other schools in rehearsal and performance.

As well as being talented performers, students in these dance programs graduate with presentation skills, self-confidence, leadership skills, an ability to work in a team environment, a sense of rigour and discipline and the want to strive for excellence. All of these qualities learnt in the dance classroom are life skills that hold them in good stead for any choice of career.

Thank you for attending the performance and in doing so, showing your support for Arts Education in our schools. We hope you enjoy the presentation of ‘Nexus 2021’.


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