Commencement of Term 4

16 October 2020

This is such an exciting time for our school.  It has been a long time coming and well overdue.  As a community we deserve a school that is state of the art and provides the opportunities to best prepare our students and to be the school of “first choice”.  We will have an open event in the coming weeks to provide the opportunity for tours of our great school.

Students arrived back on Tuesday 13 October and were curious and excited to see the new building.

The day began for the students with a whole school assembly and my key message to them was how lucky we are to have this brand new state of the art building.  I stressed the importance of one of our school values RESPECT of property and others.  There are many shared spaces and stairs in the new building and it is vital that they look out for each other.  Following the assembly, students had a tour of the new rooms and commenced classes.

The Pinnacles artwork at the front of the Amelia Street entrance of the school was designed by Simon Gilby, a Western Australian artist and sculptor.


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