Annual Art Exhibition – Wednesday 23 November 2022

29 November 2022

The annual Art Exhibition featuring the artworks of our Gifted and Talented Visual Art students was held on Wednesday 23 November in the Ron Murphy Art Gallery.
The night commenced with performances from our talented music students, in the A block quad.  The quality of the student work on display was exceptional, very talented and creative.

Top performing students were acknowledged as follows:

Studio Awards
Still Life – Year 9 Shae Meyers and Year 12 Khurt Baylon
Ceramics – Year 7 Nicola Vlahos
Drawing – Year 7 Ava Grzelec
Digital Art – Year 8 Jimmi Ilomanoski
Graphic Novel – Year 8 Jimmi Ilomanoski
Animation – Year 11 Jeryn Huntley, Year 9 Noah Ramoth and Year 8 Jaime Jalla
Graphic Novel – Year 8 Jaime Jalla and Year 11 Riscia Vinta
Digital Art – Year 11 Riscia Vinta
Portrait Painting – Year 12 Jonny Smith
Wood Carving Resin – Year 9 Sierra Tylor-Gregoria and Year 8 Chiara Riolo

Wearable Art Awards – Year 7 Mary Omotunde, Lekzin Tobgay and Alexandra French

Awards of Excellence – Year 7 Alexandra French, Year 8 Adela Maldonado Reveggino, Year 9 Annie Frencham, Year 10 Sonam Tshokey, Year 11 Jeryn Huntley and Year 12 Khurt Baylon.

Shaun Tan Emerging Artist Award – Year 11 Jessica Betti.
Congratulations and farewell to the Year 12 students -Reese Abastillas, Samantha Antulov, Sara Avramovic, Khurt Baylon, Kaitlyn Pope, Jonny Smith, Zoe Thatcher and Ashleigh Willis. The wearable art fashion parade was amazing.  There were 26 students showcasing their creations and make-up artistry.
There were significant numbers in attendance and a lot of positive feedback/comments were received.
This is a BIG undertaking with so many staff involved who help shape this event, from printing invites, setting up the art rooms, cleaning, hanging art work, setting up displays, setting up the music/audio, setting up the stage, catering, photography, selling the art work, assisting the students with the wearable art, and the clean up, pack up and lock up at the end of the night.
Acknowledgement for the planning of this event goes to the Arts Department, Home Economics Department and to Sherree Tomlinson, our Gifted and Talented Coordinator.

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