“40” Dance Showcase – 22 October 2022

3 November 2022

“40” Dance Showcase
Balcatta SHS celebrated 40 years of Dance with the “40” Dance Showcase held at the Octagon Theatre on Saturday 22 October.
The first half of the program was a celebration of the Dance Program. Specialist Dance Coordinator, Alison Martin outlined the educational outcomes as well as the requirements and the history over the past 40 years of this very unique program.
Two speakers, Sian Chapman Coordinator 1990s and Heather Meldrum ex-student, spoke and shared their experiences and journeys, as well as video messages from a number of past students (including a number who have followed dance as a career and are working nationally or internationally).
The second half of the program comprised performances from our current BSHS Dance students from all year groups. The talent, commitment and pride the students displayed was exceptional.

To view the videos from the night, click on the following links:

Graduates Messages – https://youtu.be/aTFGidRGKDs
“40” Photo Montage – https://youtu.be/CV-3VhEMNi4
Balcatta SHS “From the Archives” – https://youtu.be/9uK_5PYyl-w

Thank you to Alison Martin, Dance Coordinator for organising this event.  It was a huge production.


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